Love the look of a full brow created by makeup? The "Ombre" technique is created by using a machine, and gives the appearance of a brow filled in with a pencil. This technique is gentle on the skin and heals beautifully. Semi-permanent brow tattoo.

*Please Note: I do not work over previously tattooed or Microbladed brows UNLESS you send in photos prior to your first session. To get them approved, you must email or text me clear photos of your brows, as close up as possible without making the photo blurry.



Ombre Powder service includes – Two sessions, custom color, brow design and after care products!



  • $499+tax, which includes the consultation, brow designing, the first session, and one retouch session.


  • $399+tax, which includes the consultation, brow designing, the first session and one retouch session.

On-site services are available throughout the country. Pricing to be negotiated (including travel, hotel, etc.). 

yearly follow-up sessions

If you are currently a client at Gemineye Studio and it has been between 6 months - 3 years since your last appointment, an annual maintenance (color boost) session is recommended. Cost: $275+tax.